Unity3d Plugin issue on CentOS 64bit

I put my solution here, try to build 32bit Unity3d and plugin. Recently I build Unity3d project in Linux 64bit. The project need to analysis web camera it only support MJPEG format, MJPG format seems could not be captured by using WebCamTextrure() directly on Linux. (By the way, MJPG format seems can be analysis on Windows  32bit/64bit normally.) So I developed plugin that using libjpeg to analysis web camera.

I build whole Unity3d project and plugin on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with libjpeg8, and it worked well. But it crushed when I try to run on CentOS 64bit. At first, I guess the problem may be occured by libjpeg or gcc. So I set-up development environment on CentOS, and confirmed my plugin (dynamic library) worked well.Then I tried to run my Unity3d project again. Unfortunately unity3d crushed as usual.

Finally, I run out any solutions exclude building Unity3d 32bit and plugin. So I complier plugin with “-m32”, it can let 64bit gcc complier 32bit program. Then everything is just fine. I still cann’t sure where the problem is, because the Unity3d only crushed while plugin called function in libjpeg.


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