[ibunka 2006]My school life

  My school life is not intresting as you thaught, because I have to handle a lot of situations which can't be predicted. Maybe now you can guess that I am a leader in my class. So I have to said before that I am not a man who want be famous.

  Someone have told me that being a leader is lucky, because I can learn a lot of things that is others don't. But we all know that the leader should take responsibility. If you did't do your job well, you will be blamed by teachers and classmates. Even it is not your fault.

  In the end of my article, I want to tell you a joke about my school life. We have a very bed teacher who come to our school this year. One day we have a tug-of-war, our department had won the champ for three years. The game's held time is at her class, I ask her to let us join tje game. But she denied because it is her time to teach. So I meet the leader of department, and tell him the truth. At last, I was blamed that I have no competence be a leader of class by such as teacher.Wasn't it a joke?


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